Milk cresent roll

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Wheat white flour T-550, water, 5.4% substitute for whole milk powder (10% on flour) (whey proteins, refined palm oil), sugar, butter, (vegetable fats (palm, palm stearin, coconut , palm kernel oil), vegetable oils (soybean), yeast, wheat gluten, table salt, emulsifier (E471, E472, soya lecithin), dextrose, citric acid, acidity regulator, an anti-caking agent (E170, E341), a substance for the treatment of flour with ascorbic E341), flour treatment agent ascorbic acid, flavoring, preservative E200, enzymes. May contain traces of egg and egg products, sesame seeds and products made from sesame seeds, nuts and their products.


Nutritional Information (per 100g)

calories: 286

kj: 1216

Proteins: 20.15

carbohydrates: 46.54

fat: 2.15


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