Baguette with seeds



flour (wheat white T-550, wheat semi-white T-850, one T-1250), water, pumpkin seeds (min 16%), sunflower seeds and flax, yeast, wheat Swollen flour, wheat gluten, rye whole wheat, toasted malt (barley), soy chips, oatmeal, whey powder, sugar, dextrose, thickening agent E412, emulsifier E 742e, flour treatment agent ascorbic acid, enzymatic preparations: alpha amylase, xylanase. May contain traces of egg and egg products, sesame seeds and products made from sesame seeds, nuts and their products.


Nutritional Information (per 100g)

kcal: 205.4

kj: 872.7

protein: 4.9

Carbohydrates: 46

Fat: 0.2


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